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 Name Date Time Action Action plan / Action Completed
Marty Sederberg03/19/202007:48Time InComplete RDT audit, Gaca Zoom, Updates
Marty Sederberg03/19/202013:00Time OutMeeting, random repairs, audits, gaca meeting, renewals
Marty Sederberg03/18/202007:08Time InHensel Badging, Safety items iin Samsara, update collision files, randoms
Marty Sederberg03/18/202018:15Time OutAudit, collect, clean up and fix Randoms files, follwo up on sanitizer, Hensel Phillips and POS Port
Marty Sederberg03/17/202007:09Time InTwo videos, Renewals, respirators and Long Haul Kits
Marty Sederberg03/17/202018:11Time OutInterview, renewals, videos, samsara
Marty Sederberg03/16/202008:59Time InMeetings, file process, cintas limit, Lancer profile
Marty Sederberg03/16/202020:02Time OutRespirators, ship, new course, payroll, meetings, emails, set up mitel 4003
Brenda Shaffer03/14/202008:15Time InWill work on computer playing out curriculum
Brenda Shaffer03/14/202016:30Time OutFilled info on all the check boxes and created some new check boxes
Marty Sederberg03/13/202016:50Time OutBrenda Zoom, Reports, renewals, conversations,
Brenda Shaffer03/13/202009:00Time InTraining for editing
Brenda Shaffer03/13/202018:45Time OutJust in case I forgot to clock out
Marty Sederberg03/12/202006:50Time InMeetings, 0800 and 1000, cleaning trainer, renewals, time approval
Marty Sederberg03/12/202018:11Time OutVideo, meetings, Julson/hayes
Marty Sederberg03/12/202008:30Time InDrug report, training brenda, renewals
Marty Sederberg03/11/202006:19Time InRenewals, wash crew training video
Marty Sederberg03/11/202021:30Time OutMeetings, renewals, brenda, Coid19 issues, training video.
Brenda Shaffer03/11/202006:30Time InHeaded to Pasco Training with Jeffrey Gaca and Stevie Loomis
Brenda Shaffer03/11/202019:30Time OutTraining in Pasco, ICCC
Marty Sederberg03/10/202018:29Time OutRenewals, meeting outline, rewards program
Marty Sederberg03/10/202007:40Time InRenewals, rewards, coronavirus, wash crew video
Martin Sederberg03/10/202021:00Time InGladys conversation, corona virus, abc brake rotors, awards program, wash crew training g
Martin Sederberg03/10/202022:00Time OutConclude call with gladys
Brenda Shaffer03/10/202008:10Time InFinish ADA, Tight Maneuvers, in vehicle training. Get prepared for training in Pasco.
 Name Date Time Action Action plan / Action Completed