Type of ActionIncident
Base of OperationWheatland - Pullman
Did this cause a service interruption?No
Time of Event16:15
Date of Event03/18/2020
Is vehicle number known?Yes
Equipment Number involved:422
Name of EmployeeTodd Bloomfield
Complaint Information
Compliment Information
Incident Information
Description of Incident:

At about 4:00 PM I was in the Pullman office meeting with Tracy Paine. Todd Bloomfield had just returned from the afternoon Spokane Airport Shuttle and was in the office completing his paperwork. He had just completed Line Run L7181. He did both legs of the trip going on duty at 8:45 AM and scheduled off at 4:50 PM.

While he was in the office I asked him if he would move bus 422 I had just brought in from Lewiston, ID to another parking location so that I could switch into bus 628 and take it to Yakima. Bus 422 was blocking bus 628.

Todd went outside and I wrapped up my meeting with Tracy Paine. I walked out to 628 and performed an pre-trip inspection and started the bus. At this time Todd had been in bus at least 15 minutes.

I got into bus 628 thinking Todd would move 422 any moment. After another five minutes I got out of 628 and walked to 422 to ask Todd to please move.

I knocked on the door but he would not open it. I opened it from the outside and stepped in and asked him if there was a problem with the bus. He looked at me in what I would describe as a "glazed look". It was as if he was looking at me but not seeing me. His eyes were focused past me.

I asked him why he hadn't moved and he asked me a question about a switch on the dash. I looked at the switch, it was the four way flasher and I told him that he just needed to push it hard (its rubber coated) to turn it on.

He sat saying nothing and then said he was a little tired and was sorry for taking so long to answer. I stepped off the bus and called Tracy on her cell phone and asked him to come out as I didn't think he was OK.

Tracy had just told me a few minutes beforehand that Todd was working on losing weight and it was a struggle with his diabetes as it made keeping his blood sugar levels stable much more difficult.

Tracy also observed Todd in his muted condition and told me had not eaten. She said she keeps a close eye on him and that he just needed some food.

Tracy parked the bus and got Todd into the office.

Action Taken

I advised Tracy that I did not want Todd to drive until he saw a medical doctor and to arrange to send him in to get a report on his medical status. I told her he should not drive.

I called Tom Casazza and spoke at the same time with he and Richard Vollmer. Tom told me he would take care of it and get back to me.

About an hour later I heard back from Tom who told me I did not need to worry about what had happened. Tom had spoken to Todd and no further action needed to be taken. I was also told by Tom to stay out of it any further.

Tracy called me about 30 minutes later to tell me that Tom had called her and told her that after speaking to Tom, Todd was OK to drive and he did not need to be sent in to a medical doctor.

Action Still Required and by Whom:

I failed to document this event when it first occurred as I thought that being told to stay out of it meant I was not to take further action. After speaking to CEO Gladys Gillis and Compliance Officer Marty Sederberg about the situation I was advised to document what had occurred.

Name of person making notificationMichael Howard
Phone(509) 902-6387
Final Actions