Type of ActionIncident
Base of OperationA&A - Yakima
Did this cause a service interruption?Unknown at this time
Time of Event09:30
Date of Event03/23/2020
Is vehicle number known?Unknown at this time
Complaint Information
Compliment Information
Incident Information
Description of Incident:

Kevin checked into Best Western Shadow Inn at 9. Alicia Rivera took his bags off of his bus and handed them to Kevin. He set his bags in his room and left his room. Upon returning his room had been broken into and all of his belongings were stolen. His overnight bags, driver uniforms, driver paperwork.

Action Taken

Alicia Rivera called MOD.
She also spoke with the front desk./

I have tried to contact Kevin Easterday, I left him a voicemail to please return my call when he gets up. I have also contacted the front end supervisor that booked our rooms as she has been our first line of contact during our stay at the Best Western Shadow Inn but have not heard back.

Action Still Required and by Whom:

Follow up with Kevin, as Alicia notified dispatch.

Follow up with Best Western Shadow Inn.

Name of person making notificationBrittany Vollmer
Phone(206) 763-5817
Final Actions