Policies and Procedures

Module 1 Policies and Procedures Module 1
Unit 1 Code of Conduct
Unit 2 Code of Conduct Confirmation QUIZ
Unit 3 Training Cost Policy
Unit 4 Training Cost Policy QUIZ
Unit 5 Employee Manual
Unit 6 Corrective Action and Discipline
Unit 7 Hourly Employee Attendance Policy
Unit 8 Visibly Ill employee Policy
Unit 9 HOS 3 Hour Requirement
Unit 10 MEC (Medical Examiners Card) reimbursement
Module 2 Smoke Free Workplace
Unit 1 Smoke Free Workplace Policy
Unit 2 Smoke Free Workplace QUIZ
Module 3 Diversity and Unconscious Biases
Unit 1 Diversity Policy
Unit 2 Unconscious Biases
Unit 3 Diversity Acknowledgment | QUIZ
Module 4 Sexual Harassment
Unit 1 Sexual Harassment Video
Unit 2 Sexual Harassment Policy Manual
Unit 3 Sexual Harassment Policy QUIZ and Affirmation
Module 5 Drug Policy for a drug free workplace
Unit 1 Drug and Alcohol Policy (Company Wide)
Unit 2 Drug and Alcohol Policy QUIZ
Module 6 Fire and Earthquake Plans
Unit 1 Fire Evacuation Plan
Unit 2 Fire Plan acknowledgement and QUIZ
Module 7 Company Gratuity Plan
Unit 1 Company Gratuity Plan
Unit 2 Company Gratuity Plan/Policy Acknowledgement QUIZ
Module 8 Health Coverage Options
Unit 1 Health Coverage Decision FORM
Module 9 Seattle Area PTO Plan Details
Unit 1 PTO Paid Time Off Policy
Unit 2 PTO Acknowledgement QUIZ