Online training tracking and statistics

Hello one and all, we have just upgraded our SMS training site to be able to look at performance statistics by company. The administrator of this program has been hindered in the ability to track performance by group up to this point, however, now, we are able to look at each company independently for performance statistics. Please, no matter who you are or what you do for the company, please login right now and complete your policies and procedures training. Once you login, you can easily head to the top of the page and use the “Your Progress” button to see what you need to do and where you are at.

Please login now and check your status. We need you to complete your training as soon as you can so that we can meet the requirements of a federally mandated transportation provider. If you have any issues with your login or username, we have twenty four hour technical support to get you on the road to success. Please login now to and get caught up on your required training courses. If you have not completed your annual review, now is an excellent time to complete that item.