Novel Coronavirus Information Pt. 1

It is natural for employees to express fear over the coronavirus outbreak, including the fear that they could be exposed to the virus in the workplace. There is much we don’t yet know about the virus, and often the unknown is what drives our fear. Most cases of the virus have been in China, where it was first reported. But there are signs the virus is taking hold in other areas.

As we implement a plan to protect our employees and customers, we would like to make sure that everyone is aware that this is not as serious as some media resources make it out to be. Please review the associated video, and know that we will be implementing our Five-step plan at each base of operations to protect the operators and our customers from unnecessary exposure to this potential health risk.

Please always remember A.I.D.E. = Analyze, Identify, Define, Execute. If you have a concern, reduce risk and increase safety. Hand Sanitizer, gloves, and respiratory protection when in proximity to an analyzed and identified risk will increase your safety.

Please watch this brief video presentation and lookout for more information to come!