Hello folks, Tree branches and overhead obstacles are dangerous….

Please take a few minutes to watch this brief video regarding overhead strikes. Tree limbs, signs and bridges can cause serious damage to vehicles, please keep this in mind as you enter parking areas and rural roadways. This video is available in this blog post, and will also be associated with a monthly refresher course for the July 2016 period. Please take a few minutes to complete your Monthly Refresher courses. This month, you will have several additions as new equipment becomes available. Remember, monthly refreshers are designed to bring new information and updates to laws to the professional Motorcoach operators. Also, this will be the first month that the A & A Motorcoach drivers are involved in the Monthly Refresher program, so welcome A & A Motorcoach Operators! We are super happy to be able to call you all family.

Starline Overhanging Branch Strikes from Transportation Safety Systems on Vimeo.