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 Offer of Employment


Dear: ;

is pleased to offer you a position with our company as a beginning on .

This offer is subject to your passing a pre-employment drug screen, a pre-employment background check, a pre-employment drive test if you are being hired into a Driver position and completion of all training requirements listed below.  

Your training requirements:

Your starting compensation, based on your experience and knowledge related to the position for which you are being hired will be: per hour.

The benefits package will include the following: 

Probationary Outline:

Special Requirements of this offer:

Training Cost Reimbursement:

Annual reviews will present additional opportunities for advancement and increases with our company as we value our long-term relationships with our professional employees and compensate accordingly. We have full confidence that with our training and your diligence and hard work, you will be able to reach our top-level senior positions.

Your employment is “at-will”. This means that you are free to end your employment with our company at any time and for any reason. It also means that the company can end your employment at any time and for any reason that is not illegal under state or federal law.

This policy can be changed only by a written contract signed by an appropriate officer of the company. No oral commitments to you regarding your employment are valid, whether made now or in the future. If this offer of employment is acceptable to you, please sign, date and return one copy of this letter to me within ten days.

We look forward to having you aboard. 


Acceptance of Offer of Employment

By Digitally Signing I, hereby accept your offer of employment dated . I understand that my employment with is at will, which means that either or I can end the employment at any time and for any reason that is not illegal under state or federal law.


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