Employee Tool Boxes with resources added to www.tdmoes.com

In case anyone missed the update, A new resource has been added to the SMS system. This resource is called “TOOLBOXES” and every company employee should have access to the “Employee Toolbox”. This toolbox has several items that you may find useful such as time off request, attire order form, employee feedback form and some other tools. If you need to order new clothing, please use this order form so that we can place a custom order in your size. This allows us to order specific for your size. Please remember men and women sizes are different, so you will need to select your proper gender. Unisex sizes are listed for the appropriate items.


If you are a male and happen to be taller, you may select the LJ or Long John option to give yo a bit of extra length in the mid-section. If you have any access issues, feel free to contact Chris in operations or use the Contact Admin link located within the SMS page you are working on.


Monthly Refresher courses will be available soon, drive safe out there!