Accessing the Airport South Lot

To access the airport south holding lot, you will need to head West on S 188th ST
(Access from I-5 188th ST Exit, Pac. Hgwy S., or Hgwy 509 DesMoines Memorial Drive exit)
Headed West (reverse for East Bound), turn left on 28Th Ave S (located at S End of airport).


Proceed to the first intersection and turn right, then right again into the South Bus Holding lot. Park the vehicle in the lot and proceed to the Shack (GREEN TRIANGLE) and either check in with the onsite staff OR fill out the form and follow the instructions on the wall above the telephone. Wait in your vehicle for the speaker to call you when your group has arrived. Keep yellow copy with paperwork, see example:

Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 11.58.24 AM

When you are called up, proceed to the shack and get your assigned spot. Leave the lot and proceed to the loading area. You cross the 188Th ST, and go down the access road. Just before the end, you will go left and proceed to the security gate. At the gate, press the button and tell security you are with Starline and your coach number. They will open the gate for you. Proceed to your space and park, or follow ground control instructions.